Are you concerned about healthcare cybersecurity?

Asimily Risk Remediation Platform- Healthcare Cyber-Security Is a Serious Concern

If you have invested in innovative medical devices which are inter-connected with IoT technology, you need to be aware of the risks. With technology becoming a game changer in the world of medical services, patient care and improved healthcare outcomes, there are also increased concerns about cybersecurity. A cyber-attack can leave your healthcare organization paralyzed and your innovative medical devices unusable. Not to mention the compromise of patient data and the legal implications, costs, and considerable damage to your organizational name and reputation.

The negative impacts are lasting.

  • How do you identify connected assets?
  • How do you define risk of your assets?
  • How do you prioritize where to put your limited resources?
  • How do you secure your assets?
  • How do you prevent cybercriminals from exploiting your assets and altering outcomes?

Asimily Risk Remediation Platform- Healthcare Cyber-Security Is a Serious Concern

  • At ASIMILY our core business is identifying your assets, prioritizing risk, finding means to ensure connected medical devices still are safe, secure, and potential risks are mitigated.
  • ASIMILY is a best-in-class leader in healthcare cybersecurity, partnering with the top medical device companies and healthcare institutions from around the world.
  • ASIMILY can help with cybersecurity, utilization, capital planning, and root cause analysis, providing detailed asset information to a broad array of organizational stakeholders in your institution with easily accessible, real-time, relevant information sharing.
  • As experts in connected medical device and IoT cybersecurity ASIMILY is helping institutions understand the risks, mitigations, and utilization of their medical devices and leveraging that information for lower risk exposure, actionable risk reduction strategies, and information to drive operational and capital planning decisions so that the connected device security program is seen as a profit center vs. a cost center; not to mention the upside to supporting patient care and improving patient safety and clinical outcomes.

The ASIMILY INSIGHT solution gives users clear actionable information across devices, manufacturers, departments, and facilities.

ASIMILY delivers the most comprehensive inventory, cybersecurity and operational solution for your connected medical device programs (asset management preventive maintenance, repair, security, risk management, capital planning). Every healthcare organization has unique needs, different mix of medical devices, different risks. A one-size-fits-all solution does not work in this dynamic environment.

This where ASIMILY’s tailored solutions offer the best-in-class medical device cybersecurity, risk, and lifecycle management platform to suit different organizational environments and quickly scale as needs grow.

As a leading IoT cybersecurity company, working with small and large healthcare delivery organizations across the country, ASIMILY is aware of the dynamic risk environment organizations are exposed to daily. Committed to the interests of our clients.

ASIMILY is constantly updating our security algorithms and analysis to thwart emerging vulnerabilities and threats and improve uptime for connected devices.

Asimily Risk Remediation Platform- Healthcare Cyber-Security Is a Serious Concern

End-to-End Medical Device Lifecycle Management

Modern healthcare is driven by state-of-the-art technology. From diagnostic lab devices, diagnostic and interventional imaging devices, and critical life-support devices and systems, connected medical technologies are indispensable assets in delivering quality, and safe, patient care. But connected devices are more susceptible to cybersecurity impacts and potential unintended consequences then the non-networked legacy devices of yesterday. ​

ASIMILY enables healthcare organizations to mitigate connected device risk with our best-in-class exploit analysis and risk assessment framework.

With asset utilization and detailed network topology and data flow analysis, ASIMILY INSIGHT can directly support a predictive maintenance and monitoring model of connected device support. As a company offering connected medical device management throughout the asset lifecycle, ASIMILY provides an innovative solution that enables healthcare organizations to monitor and prevent incidents with proactive intervention. ​

As a part of ASIMILY’s medical device lifecycle management we use a combination of machine learning and big data analytics to enable deep insights for connected medical devices. ASIMLY’s focus is, and always has been, helping customers maintain continuity in healthcare services to the patients and at the same time leveraging our customizable INSIGHT platform to mitigate risk, enhance patient safety, and improve the use of limited resources (time, money, people).

ASIMILY INSIGHT’s artificial intelligence and deep parsing technology alerts when connected medical devices are behaving from baseline configurations or behaviors so the organization may promptly investigate and address issues with appropriate mitigation or remediation recommendations.

Asimily Risk Remediation Platform- Healthcare Cyber-Security Is a Serious Concern

Patient Data Security

With every aspect of a healthcare encounter being digitally collected, transmitted, and stored, ASIMILY understands the real-world concerns for cybersecurity across the healthcare industry. Reports of patient data often being compromised and the likelihood of escalation and device failures due to a network breach on the horizon, has alarm bells sounding across the healthcare industry. ​

As a healthcare cybersecurity company with an impeccable record of accomplishment ASIMILY has been helping our clients implement a framework to manage risk and prevent malicious exploits on their data and devices. ​

ASIMILY can help you in adopting stringent security- and risk-related frameworks that are tailored to suit your unique environment, protect your business operations, and ensure the safety of your patients.

It is time to secure and manage your medical and IoT assets and maximize your return on investment of your medical devices with the most comprehensive, best-in-class connected medical device risk and lifecycle management solution.

Get ASIMILY INSIGHT and we can help you mitigate cybersecurity risks, improve patient safety, and achieve positive fiscal results.