Attackers are Fast. Be Prepared.

Don’t Miss Dangerous Vulnerabilities

When new vulnerabilities are found, quickly find out if they apply to you. Even better – find out if they are exploitable, risky, or both. Whether 0-day, FDA recall, CISA advisory or other source – you’ll know about it fast. Asimily identifies IoT devices, prioritizes and then mitigates their most critical vulnerabilities that are riskiest in your unique environment. It protects devices against the dangers expected throughout their entire operational life.

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Continuous IoT Vulnerability Detection

Shorten the Time New Vulnerabilities are Exploitable

Rapid Awareness Keeps Attackers Out

Rapid Attacks

One out of four High Risk CVEs are exploited on publication date. Defenders have to be faster than ever to stay ahead.

Organized Adversaries

Organized criminal groups weaponize new vulnerabilities in hours. The fantasy that “They’re not interested in me” is harder to justify each year.

Threat Intel Sprawl

Warnings about new threats can come from any direction. Keeping track of them can be a full-time job. Get time back.

IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in a complicated security environment

Ranked, Continuous, Personalized

How Asimily Approaches Continuous Vulnerability Detection

Automating learning from the CVE feed is just the beginning. The difficult part is determining the risk. That includes Asimily’s vulnerability analysis (MITRE ATT&CK based), and using unique customer environment as an input for prioritization.


Asimily’s Device Ranker combined Asimily analysis of potential attacks that use a vulnerability to give a stack ranked list of what devices (and vulnerabilities) should be addressed to reduce risk now.


Vulnerability Detection should work around the clock and use multiple techniques. Attackers who can hide from one threat detection method will find it harder to hide from many. Both humans and AI can be involved, but automation is important too.


Information about vulnerabilities alone isn’t enough. A vulnerability can be risky or not, depending on context, neighbors, and IoT device importance. Asimily takes that into account for targeted guidance and prioritization that delivers maximum risk reduction.

The Necessity of Continuous Vulnerability Detection

With continuous vulnerability detection, organizations gain a more accurate picture of what possible weaknesses there are in their IoT devices on a more consistent basis.

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The Necessity of Continuous Vulnerability Detection

Shadow IoT Put Companies at Risk

Shadow IT is one of the most persistent cybersecurity challenges today. Already, researchers estimate that 53% of departments refuse to use IT-approved tools and 80% of workers admit to using SaaS applications at work without getting approval from the IT department. Then there’s the issue of shadow Internet of Things (IoT) usage complicating matters even more.

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Shadow IoT How Unmanaged Devices Put Companies at Risk

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