The NIS2 Directive

The NIS2 Directive is a new EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity that aims to protect critical organisations and infrastructure from cyber threats and to achieve a high common level of cybersecurity across the EU. The NIS2 Directive covers a wide range of sectors, including energy, transportation, health, and digital infrastructure.

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NIS2 Directive

Ensure NIS2 Compliance

What are NIS2 Directive Requirements?

To bolster Europe’s resilience against current and future cyberthreats, the NIS2 Directive introduces new requirements and obligations for organizations in four overarching areas: risk management, corporate accountability, reporting obligations, and business continuity.

Risk Management and Reporting

To drive accountability and comply with the new Directive, organizations must take measures to minimize cyber risks. These measures include programmatic and reporting requirements to plan for, minimize and measure Risk.

Best Practices

NIS2 requires a variety of best practices, with reporting and fines as enforcement mechanisms. Those include but are not limited to authorization and authentication, network security, and patch management.

Standard Incident Reporting

Incident Reporting gets a more standard approach across the EU, including what must be divulged and when.

Business Continuity

Organizations must plan for how they intend to ensure business continuity in the case of major cyber incidents. This plan should include considerations about system recovery, emergency procedures, and setting up a crisis response team.

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The High Cost of Doing Nothing

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Never Trust, Always Verify

How Asimily Supports the NIS2 Directive

In connected environments, entities that fall within a Member State’s NIS2 implementing act must incorporate Internet of Things (IoT) devices for a comprehensive approach to security. With Asimily’s patented vulnerability prioritization capabilities, organisations gain holistic visibility into all IoT devices connected to their networks so that vulnerability management, patch management, and security teams can begin working toward the comprehensive security program that NIS2 implementing acts requires. 


Asimily identifies and classifies every connected device on your network down to the specific model, operating system, and software version. Filter the hundred of thousands of CVEs associated with your inventory down to just the ones that are actually exploitable on your network.


Asimily identifies where exploitable vulnerabilities are in their environment. For each specific device, data is enriched with MDS2s and SBOMs information. Then, you can prioritize your efforts to address the real risks to your network and not just the published list of potential threats.


Asimily’s packet capture for any monitored device that captures the traffic flowing to or from connected devices in a secure, local file. This data can be used for incident response and forensic analysis to reveal tactics, techniques, and procedures that attackers use.

Understanding the NIS2 Directive for IoT Security

To comply with NIS2, organisations need solutions to manage IoT device risk with an accurate inventory, vulnerability management, and an incident response plan.

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The Necessity of Continuous Vulnerability Detection

With continuous vulnerability detection, organizations gain a more accurate picture of what possible weaknesses there are in their IoT devices on a more consistent basis. 

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