Cyberscope Compliance

Cyberscope is the Federal Information Security Management Act’s (FISMA) online reporting platform created to streamline the reporting process, enhance analysis, and reduce the federal government spend on compliance each year. It is used by US Federal Agencies and their vendors.

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Cyberscope Compliance and Asimily

Ensure Cyberscope FISMA Compliance

What are the FISMA Compliance Requirements?

FISMA defines a framework for managing information security that must be followed by all information systems used or operated by a U.S. federal government agency in the executive or legislative branches and by third-party vendors who work on behalf of a federal agency in those branches.

Asset Inventory

FISMA requires agencies and third-party vendors to maintain an inventory of their information systems and an identification of any interfaces between each system and other systems or networks, including those not operated by or under the control of the agency.

Risk Categorization

All sensitive information and information systems are categorized based on their required information security according to a range of risk levels. FIPS 199 and NIST SP 800-60 Guide for Mapping Types of Information and Information Systems to Security Categories provide categorization guidelines.

Continuous Monitoring

Continuous monitoring activities include configuration management, control of information system components, the security impact analysis of changes to the system (like security ratings), ongoing assessment of security controls, and status reporting.

IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in a complicated security environment

Safe, Comprehensive, Categorized

How Asimily Supports Cyberscope Compliance

Asimily adopts a risk-oriented approach to vulnerability management, empowering customers with the ability to determine how likely it is for a threat actor to exploit a given vulnerability. This informs risk-based prioritization and streamlines resolving business-critical weaknesses in your IoT devices.

Classify & Prioritize High-risk Assets

In an extensive landscape of interconnected devices, knowing where to focus your attention is crucial. Asimily’s unique Impact, Likelihood and Utilization analyses show which vulnerabilities attackers will take advantage of in your environment. Allocate your resources to the riskiest devices first to promptly address vulnerabilities.

Continous Threat Detection

Asimily empowers you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and others who benefit from taking down high-profile targets. With cutting-edge threat detection systems, we provide real-time visibility into your IoT device fleet, enabling rapid response to emerging threats.

Simplify Compliance Reporting

Asimily’s packet capture for any monitored device that captures the traffic flowing to or from connected devices in a secure, local file. This data can be used for incident response and forensic analysis to reveal tactics, techniques, and procedures that attackers use.

Harness the Power of IoT with a Comprehensive Inventory

The lack of a formal Internet of Things (IoT) asset inventory creates security blindspots that can lead to data breaches. With a formal inventory that includes fewer analyzed IoT devices, organizations can reduce administrative costs and security risks while more effectively managing their IT budgets with data-driven insights that identify necessary technology investments. 

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The White House OMB Memo M-24-04 and What It Means for IoT Security

The OMB memo M-24-04 provides agencies with reporting guidance and deadlines to support the administration’s cybersecurity initiatives including IoT devices.

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