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For a complex network, it is not enough to know that you have vulnerabilities within your medical, laboratory, and IoT device fleet, because not all vulnerabilities are created equal. It is important to be able to determine in a sea of cybersecurity issues where resources, time, and focus should be allocated on a prioritized basis to address the most relevant concerns for your organization. That’s why Asimily makes it easier to focus on what’s most important – prioritizing vulnerabilities and devices by their likelihood of exploitation and criticality to your environment. Many vulnerabilities, even nominally critical ones, are not exploitable or particularly risky because medical, laboratory, and IoT devices behave differently than traditional endpoints and servers.

Asimily delivers innovative new capabilities that helps organizations prioritize identified vulnerability data and mechanisms to remediate them. Specifically, the platform understands which vulnerabilities are actually exploitable in the real-world environment by simulating the paths attackers could use to compromise a device. Additionally, the platform provides a comprehensive risk score for each asset to give clear guidance on which medical, laboratory and IoT devices and which vulnerabilities need to be patched or remediated, and which devices and vulnerabilities can be deprioritized.

Precisely Identify & Classify Every Single Device

Asimily Insight gathers more than 100 attributes about the device, such as OS and software versions. Using sophisticated passive scanning capabilities, Insight can discover connected medical, laboratory and IoT devices across your network. Leveraging parameters collected from connected devices, unique algorithms, and pre-existing device profiles, Asimily Insight accurately classifies connected medical, laboratory, and IoT devices and maintains a robust record of all connected devices. 

Insight can also gather key information on IT parameters, device parameters, cybersecurity capabilities, and other parameters pertinent to your organization. Insight can then feed device information into your CMMS or CMDB, and reconcile the live inventory with the database’s source of truth, helping discover untracked devices and those that no longer appear.

Examples of IT parameters:

  • IP address
  • MAC address
  • Port numbers
  • Services
  • Applications
  • Hostname
  • Operating system and version
  • Other network data
Examples of Medical Device Parameters:

  • Manufacturer
  • Brand
  • Device type
  • Serial number
  • Software version
  • Other device parameters


Understand Your Entire Network Topology

Asimily Insight empowers organizations with the information and insights they need to understand their entire network topology. Possessing a rich understanding of how different medical, laboratory and, IoT devices present themselves, how devices are connected, and how data flow across the network, Insight provides you with a complete picture of medical, laboratory, and IoT device relationships on their networks. These include which devices are talking to which internal or external systems, and over which ports and protocols.

With a greater understanding of network topology, you can discover any configuration issues within your network and leverage relationship data for incident response.

Investigate Malicious Activity

While baselining and profiling devices to detect anomalies may help identify problems on the network, it cannot always identify the root cause of the issue or determine if the anomalies are a cause for serious concern. With Asimily Insight’s forensic analysis module, organizations can easily identify and understand the underlying cause of network problems by capturing all traffic to or from the devices in question, allowing you to deep dive into the data and understand what additional steps should be taken.

Identify Compromise Indications & Exploit Attempts

Highly capable, Asimily Insight monitors and detects misconfigurations, attacks, zero-day vulnerabilities, and anomalous behavior from IoMT, IoLT, and IoT devices. Using machine learning, Asimily baselines the expected behavior for every device type and model and alerts you to any deviations. Insight integrates with SIEMs to populate alerts and provide a single pane of glass experience for security analysts.

Clinically-Viable Cybersecurity

Asimily Insight recommends clinically-viable workarounds beyond segmentation and patching to mitigate vulnerabilities in cases where patching is not an option. These changes have been tested in the clinical environment, so you know they won’t disrupt the highest priority: patient care.

Through integration with other network tools, the Insight platform supports providers with segmentation based on device context and other chosen parameters. It works with the systems you already have in place, from CMMS to NAC. When any malicious activity is detected, Insight assists in blocking or quarantining the device on the network. Depending on provider preference, threat response actions can be initiated automatically or carried out by the provider under Asimily’s guidance.

Asimily Dives Deeper

Track utilization, imaging scans, and on-off usage to know which devices are misallocated or underutilized and save on capital replacement costs. Asset utilization calculates the percentage of devices of a given type in use at any given time, so you know if new devices are actually needed.

Cut Through Vendor Clutter

Your organization acquires devices from hundreds and sometimes thousands of vendors, all of whom have varying contracts and relationships. Asimily Insight cuts through the clutter by tracking how and when vendors access devices and how much data they are transferring from them, reducing the strain on health systems and providing peace of mind.

Find the Needle in the Haystack

Since organizations often have their own security policies, Asimily Insight’s policy management allows you to set a policy on any device on any parameter, giving you 100% visibility across 100% of your devices against your own internal metrics and rules. Translate organizational policies into network policies that can be tracked across the entire environment, and enable detection of attacks, like “low and slow” data exfiltration, that other solutions miss.

End Lost Devices

Organizations often struggle with devices like infusion pumps and wireless imaging that are misplaced and not easily found. Asimily Insight’s device tracking ends the ambiguity by mapping network topology which in turn can be mapped to physical topology, enabling health systems to monitor when and where a device was last seen, enabling you to put devices back into service faster.

Proactively Secure Devices Before They Enter Your Environment

Asimily ProSecure provides a platform for organizations to understand the risk of any device, whether or not it is deployed or connected to the network. Using ProSecure, generate a comprehensive risk report for any medical or laboratory device that is being evaluated for purchase, or any device that is currently being used in a non-connected manner that you would like to connect. Since the risk of devices can vary widely based on their configuration, ProSecure shows you the most secure configuration and provides recommendations for device hardening that you can use to eliminate risks before you incur them.

What Asimily Means for Security

Protecting Devices, Systems, and Resources


Keep the devices that your organization depends on up and operational by closing avenues for threat actors to exploit. Manage it all through a single dashboard, with actionable information ready for anyone who needs to know.

Reduce Risk

Maybe they’re traditional endpoints? Maybe they’re IoMT devices? Maybe they are IoLT devices? To threat actors, they’re simply attack vectors. Asimily helps you end the IoMT, IoLT, and IoT security deficit by defending all devices in the organization.

Lower Cost

With the largest knowledgebase of medical and laboratory devices and protocols, vulnerability research and manufacturer documents, tackle the growing IoMT, IoLT, and IoT challenge while minimizing the staff and budget required to do it manually. Avoid procuring unnecessary devices by monitoring device utilization for your various device categories and models.

Constantly Compliant

Defend all devices in your organization to keep personal information safe and achieve regulatory compliance with industry best practices.

Save Time

Asimily’s vulnerability prioritization reduces by over 90% the amount of time and effort required of vulnerability management teams through avoiding fixing “in name only” vulnerabilities and targeted workarounds that can be easily applied through existing enforcement solutions.

Comprehensive Visibility

Find peace of mind through regular reporting from Asimily on your organization’s security posture and changes to it. Understand where your team is succeeding and what they should focus on for improvement.

An Interface with Security in Mind

Welcome to the intersection of usability and capability, with intuitive UI/UX built specifically for device remediation. Technology that helps focus on the mission, not distract from it.

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