Know Every IoT/OT Device

Automated IoT Visibility and Deep Categorization

Safely find the IoT devices on your network. Know all there is to know about each one to bolster your defenses, avoid surprises and efficiently operate them. Enjoy a continuously updated and accurate inventory.

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Automated Visibility and Deep Categorization

Security Plans Always Start with Visibility

Avoid IoT Visibility Pitfalls

Stale Data

Continuous monitoring leads to a constantly up-to-date inventory, for operational, efficiency, and regulatory use of your inventory.

Missing Context

See baseline data and changes over time, to see how configurations are changing.

Shadow IT

Avoid Shadow IT with rapid reporting on unexpected devices, so you can quickly act on them.

IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in a complicated security environment

Safe, Comprehensive, Categorized

Asimily’s Approach to IoT/OT inventory

Our customers gain a continuously updated list of the IoT/OT devices on their networks, based on safe network traffic analysis. Accurate data populates rapidly with Asimily’s combination of machine learning and packet inspection to confidently identify IoT/OT devices. Other data sources can be used to augment network traffic analysis, for an even richer understanding of IoT/OT. Each device’s record is enriched with device metadata. Basic data on adjacent IT is also collected for completeness.


Multiple techniques help generate an accurate device inventory, especially passive network monitoring. IoT/OT devices can fail when actively scanned, even using manufacturer APIs. Asimily relies on the safest techniques to maximize uptime.


In addition to tried-and-true network monitoring, Asimily can integrate other customer data sources, including agent-based data. This shrinks the unmonitored device inventory as small as possible.


Get useful information along with your inventory. Asimily fingerprints any new devices rapidly, even before deployment to avoid adding risk to your environment. Each device is logically categorized to aid with security operations.

Real-time Accuracy and Smart Categorization

An accurate, classified inventory is an important first step to solving every other security problem. By combining multiple techniques and data sources, Asimily uses numerous innovative cutting-edge techniques, some patented, to provide the best inventory possible.

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IoT Device Inventory Needs Real-time Accuracy and Smart Categorization

The Power of a Comprehensive IoT Inventory

The lack of a formal IoT asset inventory creates security blind spots that can lead to data breaches. With a formal inventory that includes fewer analyzed IoT devices, organizations can reduce administrative costs and security risks while more effectively managing their IT budgets with data-driven insights that identify necessary technology investments.

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The Power of a Comprehensive IoT Inventory

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