Stay Ahead of Security
Advisories and FDA Recalls

Operate your Medical Devices Securely

Simplify complex recall processes with central information in a single cloud-based platform. Rapidly learn about new recall directives from the FDA and manufacturers. Determine potential compatibility issues while coordinating with stakeholders. Keep medical devices operationally and legally ready, all while removing risk from your organization.

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IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in a complicated security environment

Simple. Centralized. Fast

How Asimily Approaches Advisories and Recalls

Recalls and security advisories can target devices, technologies, software versions, or more. Any device can be hit by a recall at any time. Prioritized remediation and monitoring can help your clinical readiness stay high. All of this happens quickly and efficiently, keeping the time burden small while still keeping you ahead of attackers.


Recalls should be easy to learn about, understand, and execute. Asimily parses each recall into useful, searchable, sortable, and assignable information to help execute the required change quickly and easily.


Typically, hospitals rely on centralized health care technology-skilled resources to handle recalls, maintenance, and other upgrade needs. Those same scarce resources – employees or contractors – need a single point of truth for which recalls exist, are still relevant, and can be done today.


Recall notices from the FDA (and Emtec, for subscribers) quickly appear in the Asimily portal, associated with the relevant devices for your next action.

Accurate Utilization Data Improves Captial Planning

Discover how Asimily provides granular insight into device location and utilization metrics, empowering hospitals to strategically plan operations.

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Collaboration Between HTM and Security Teams

HTM and cybersecurity teams need to collaborate better and utilize each other’s strengths and expertise to secure hospitals. They can do this best by thoroughly planning and managing the inventory, the vulnerabilities, and incident response. Tight collaboration in these three areas can build a strong foundation when done right.

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