Combat Risk Not Vulnerabilities

Focus on What Matters

Vulnerabilities are not risk. They can be very risky or not depending on your unique values, network, and defensive measures. Get past vulnerability management to avoid needless risk.

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A 2d view of vulnerabilities changes to a 3d view, showing they have different levels of underlying risk.

Exploitability Analysis Augments Vulnerability Scores

Vulnerability Management Is Wasted Without Risk Analysis

Vulnerabilities ≠ Risk

CVEs show potential risk, not your actual risk. That takes a detailed analysis of the vulnerability in your context.

Likelihood and Impact Determine Risk

Focusing on vulnerability severity alone leads to misallocated defensive resources – an attacker’s best friend. The risk of a potential IoT exploit requires understanding Likelihood and Impact of a successful attack.

Inefficient Defense

Working on the wrong vulnerabilities is using defensive time unwisely. Besides being insecure, that can be demoralizing, distracting and leads to dissatisfied security teams, making talent retention that much harder.

IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in a complicated security environment

Customized, Ranked, Researched

How Asimily Approaches Risk Management for IoT/ OT/ IoMT

Risk reduction is the goal. Every risk will end up in one of the classic categories: avoidance, retention (or sharing), acceptance, and mitigation. Vulnerability mitigation can deliver efficient risk reduction, but only with analyses of potential exploits and their complete risks.


Asimily automates what experienced security teams do – assess thoughtfully. A vulnerability can be risky or not, depending on context, neighbors, and IoT device importance. Asimily offers that analysis for every vulnerability faced.


All of this is offered in a stack ranked list, to assign work as needed confident that the riskiest issues are being handled first. Assignments can be tracked and alerted to make workflows more efficient.


Risk comes from a vulnerability in the context of the systems facing the vulnerability. Asimily researches the vulnerability in its installed context, including taking into account the value of the IoT, likelihood of exploit, and difficulty to exploit. This leads to a better quantification of the true risk to you.

Vulnerability Prioritization is Vital for IoT Security and Risk Management

The growth in IoT vulnerabilities makes it clear that legacy processes for security are untenable. See how to adopt a risk-based approach to prioritization.

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Vulnerability Prioritization is Vital for IoT Security and Risk Management

Cyber Risk Quantification

Translating cyber risks into financial terms includes discussing the knock-on impacts of a cyber attack outside of the immediate recovery cost. This includes lost revenue, lost reputation, and lost staff time from interrupting daily work.

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Cyber Risk Quantification to Improve Security Effectiveness

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