Protect your Networked IoT Devices

Establish a Defensible Perimeter

Prevent attackers from reaching your IoT devices while limiting the damage that they can do. Simplify the analysis and NAC configuration for networking. Automate deployment of preferred segments.

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IoT Defensible Perimeter | Asimily

Reduce Attack Surface and Limit Lateral Movement

Reduce Risk Fast while Deploying Segmentation


Segmentation requires planning, coordination, and scenario analysis. Network owners can’t always make quick tactical changes, avoid unintended blockages, or architect for future growth.

Forced Trade-offs

Often the simplest logical groupings of IoT (with allowable services and ports) have exceptions. That one device that legitimately needs access that the others don’t. The result, too often, is allowing more loose ACLs than you’d like, reducing the actual security benefits. Adding more complex rules (ACLs) only goes so far, because many networking devices have limits that hamper microsegmentation projects.

Far Reaching

IoT and OT have many legitimate users including maintenance, operators, health and safety, and even finance. Organizations take time to coordinate potential access changes to avoid downtime, but risk reduction is best when it is fast.

IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in complicated security environments

Understand, Determine, Segment

Asimily’s Approach to IoT/OT Segmentation and Microsegmentation

Asimily believes in defending against exploitation, not just vulnerabilities. To do that, we offer easy, simple ways to break an attack chain based on our in-depth analysis of each vulnerability. Microsegmentation is one of many methods offered for fast risk reduction.


Robust networking analysis tools are available to determine actual network traffic, create a baseline, and visualize devices and behavior.


Choose between manual or automated means to deploy your new network rules quickly and easily.


Unlike most in the industry, Asimily can validate planned segmentations to take into account logical groupings and legitimate outliers with unique communication needs.

The Role of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

Cyber asset attack surface management is an important practice in your security program. Learn how to reduce your IoT attack surface and improve your cybersecurity posture.

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Securing Your IoT Ecosystem: The Role of Cyber Asset Attack Surface Management (CAASM)

Why Targeted Segmentation is Key

Targeted segmentation provides more detailed risk mitigation than macrosegmentation and is much quicker and simpler to put into action than microsegmentation. When combined with both of these methods, targeted segmentation creates a comprehensive IoT security strategy.

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