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in Medical Devices

Optimize Medical Device Utilization

Ensure that every medical device is being used to its fullest. See patterns of usage and downtime to identify opportunities for increased usage. Extend the life of your capital expenditures while boosting benefits to operating income.

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Efficient Device Utilization Keeps Attack Surfaces Small

Security Teams
Help Deliver Uptime

Downtime is Costly

When a multimillion-dollar device isn’t being used as much as it could be, that’s costly. For many devices like MRI machines and Gamma Knives, getting the most safe use out of each one is imperative for financial success.

Planning is Difficult without Usage Data

For many IoMT, especially in medical imaging, it is difficult to tell what each device is being used for and when. Without that information, it’s difficult to say what quantity of devices are needed in the future and how they can be best secured.

Buying More IoMT is Expensive

Often, the answer to resource shortages is simply buying more. However, without good inventory information, utilization information, and a history of device usage in a very granular fashion, that might be an expensive way to solve a problem compared to much more affordable ways. In a simple example, do you need more infusion pumps or are they forgotten in a closet? Know for sure.

IoT Device Security in 2024:
The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Protecting the growing IoT architecture
in a complicated security environment

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How Asimily Drives Optimal Medical Device Utilization

Asimily provides device utilization data for any device, on a realistic day/date/time schedule. With that, device utilization makes sense for each device, modality, or department.


Rich data, presented well, can make patterns appear that data tables cannot. With actual device use data compared to what it could be, patterns emerge that drive smart spending.


Each device needs detailed usage information, which can be detected from network traffic. Where possible, such as for imaging, more detailed information such as body part images can also be obtained, to more closely link usage to clinical needs and even revenue.


Not every IoMT device is equal. Running an MRI 24/7 is not feasible, but operating a respirator could be. Each device has to be compared to a logical usage target, which Asimily allows by hour and day of the week.

Accurate Utilization Data Improves Revenue and Resource Allocation

Hospitals need to centrally track and manage their connected medical device inventory to limit the waste of underutilization. Part of creating and maintaining this inventory requires using a solution dedicated to device discovery and continuous tracking. Discover how Asimily provides granular insight into device location and utilization metrics, empowering hospitals to strategically plan operations.

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Benefits of Monitoring Asset Utilization

Managing assets can be a challenge for any healthcare organization. Discover how Asimily can improve capital planning through utilization monitoring.

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