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Gather accurate and precise information about all network-connected devices

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Inventory Visibility

Device Visibility and Classification

Unmatched Insights Into Networked Devices

Imagine having the ability to safely gather detailed information about the devices in your network. With Asimily, the vision becomes a reality. Harness Asimily’s powerful protocol analyzer and deep packet inspection (DPI) to safely discover and automatically categorize your IoT assets, services, connections, and apps giving you the power to proactively manage risks, optimize resources, and fortify your security like never before.

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Automated Inventory and Deep Categorization

Your Entire Device Fleet Made Visible

Fast, Complete, and Safe Visibility

Asimily identifies devices safely based on their network traffic. With the industry’s best protocol analyzer, deep packet inspection (DPI), and AI/ML-based traffic analysis, Asimily finds and classifies each device into a family, along with all apps, services, and connections.

Fully Integrated

To get the best possible inventory, Asimily augments its own passively gathered information across a variety of integrations including CMDB, CMMS, Vulnerability Scanners, and NACs to get to a simple, accurate inventory of devices and importantly – their topologic risk.

Deep Device Classification

Each device is classified into its family and/or sub-family for easier management of devices and networks. Customizable classification means each device is where you want it to be in your topology.

Protocol Analyzer

The world’s best protocol analyzer does in days what used to take weeks. Understand a new device’s behaviors and fingerprint it for cybersecurity uses. Whatever you need to buy, for any use, will be supported by our state-of-the-art protocol analyzer.

Reduce Vulnerabilities 10x Faster with Half the Resources

Find out how our innovative risk remediation platform can help keep your organization’s resources safe, users protected, and IoT and IoMT assets secure.

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Protecting Your Industry’s Unique Devices


Asimily provides the necessary tools to identify and address IoT vulnerabilities in healthcare, ensuring the protection of patient data without interrupting the delivery of critical care.

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In an industry that relies heavily on IoT devices to drive automation, efficiency, and connectivity, Asimly can help. By ensuring the security of IoT devices, manufacturers can safeguard their intellectual property, prevent production disruptions, and maintain the trust of their customers and partners.

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Higher Education

Educational institutions depend on interconnected devices to facilitate learning, research, and campus operations. Protect sensitive student and faculty data, maintain operational integrity, and foster a secure, productive academic environment with Asimily.

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Asimily equips government entities worldwide with the necessary tools to secure their IoT devices, protect critical infrastructure, and ensure data privacy. Defend against cyber threats and uphold public trust by proactively mitigating vulnerabilities.

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Life Sciences

Where delicate research, development, and data exchange are ongoing, securing your IoT devices is a top priority. Proactively manage and mitigate vulnerabilities, reducing the risk of theft or loss of critical research and development efforts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Inventory and visibility refers to the ability to have real-time visibility and accurate categorization of all hardware and software assets within an organization’s IT infrastructure. It involves maintaining a comprehensive inventory database, tracking asset details, and knowing the exact risk level and status of each asset at any given time.

Inventory and visibility are crucial for effective IoT asset management for several reasons:
1. Asset tracking: It allows organizations to safely determine the the status, risk levels, and usage of IoT devices, ensuring accountability and preventing shadow IT issues.
2. Compliance and licensing: Inventory visibility enables organizations to track software licenses, ensuring compliance with licensing agreements and avoiding legal risks associated with unauthorized software usage.
3. Budget optimization: By having accurate visibility into connected devices, organizations can optimize procurement, avoid over-purchasing, and make informed decisions regarding asset lifecycle management.
4. Incident response: When incidents occur, having inventory visibility enables organizations to quickly identify affected assets, assess the impact, and respond promptly.

IT asset management (ITAM) refers to the set of practices and processes used by organizations to track, manage, and optimize their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. It involves activities such as inventory management, asset tracking, software license management, maintenance scheduling, and financial planning related to IT assets.

1. Cost savings: By effectively managing assets, organizations can avoid unnecessary purchases, optimize maintenance costs, and extend the useful life of assets.
2. Compliance and risk mitigation: IT asset management ensures compliance with software licensing agreements, reduces the risk of security incidents, and helps organizations demonstrate readiness for regulatory bodies.
3. Improved productivity: Efficient asset management leads to better asset utilization, reduced downtime, faster incident response, and improved overall productivity.
4. Enhanced decision-making: Accurate data and insights from IT asset management enable informed decision-making regarding technology investments, upgrades, and decommissioning.

Inventory and visibility and IT asset management enhance security by:
1. Identifying vulnerabilities: Having a complete inventory of IoT devices helps organizations identify vulnerabilities and security risks associated with outdated or unsupported hardware or software.
2. Patch management: Accurate inventory visibility enables prompt application of security patches and updates for vulnerable assets, minimizing the risk of exploitation.
3. Incident response: Inventory visibility allows quick identification of compromised assets during security incidents, facilitating timely assessment and appropriate remedial actions.
4. Access control: Accurate asset tracking enables effective access controls, ensuring that only authorized personnel can interact with specific assets, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches.