PCI-DSS Compliance

PCI-DSS is a set of security standards for businesses that accept, transmit, process and store credit card data. It is mandated by credit card companies and managed by the PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards Council, an independent body created by the card networks. The DSS (Data Security Standards) lay out clear requirements for any company that wishes to use credit cards. Adherence can also help companies avoid data breaches, protect customer loyalty, and avoid fines and lawsuits.

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PCI Compliance and Asimily

Ensure PCI Compliance

What are the top PCI-DSS Compliance Security Standards?

Maintain a Vulnerability Management Program

The first substantive requirement listed in PCI-DSS tells companies to manage their vulnerabilities well. That typically includes identifying, prioritizing the fix work, and executing it to keep serious vulnerabilities short-lived.

Regularly Monitor and Test

In addition to mandated regular scans and/or penetration tests, ongoing monitoring is essential for all IT and devices, including credit card readers, kiosks and other places where credit card data might flow.

Compensating Controls

Having and documenting mitigations for security issues is essential for passing PCI audits. Those can be varied, but having them documented helps annual reviews occur without a public shaming on PCI-monitoring websites.

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How Asimily Supports PCI Compliance

Asimily provides a platform that helps organizations ensure their IoT are just as protected and compliant as their IT for PCI-DSS purposes. That includes core vulnerability management, monitoring, reporting, network segmentation (for cardholder information) and more. Information from the platform can feed into your overall information security policy, proof of strong access control and general protection of cardholder data.


Asimily identifies and classifies every connected device on your network down to the specific model, operating system, and software version. Filter the hundred of thousands of CVEs associated with your inventory down to just the ones that are actually exploitable on your network.


Asimily identifies where the most important vulnerabilities are in their environment. For PCI, that’s typically those with a high CVSS score. These can be prioritized for fixing (via a patch if one is available), or a well-documented compensating control for IoT, such as microsegmentation or nullifying part of the vulnerability’s attack chain.


Asimily empowers you to stay one step ahead of cybercriminals and others who benefit from taking down high-profile targets. With cutting-edge threat detection systems, we provide real-time visibility into your IoT devices involved with credit card information, also enabling rapid response to emerging threats.

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