Powerful security for devices and equipment powering Energy and Utilities

IoT and OT Security Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Downtime is not allowed for Energy companies and Utilities. That’s hard enough without a world of attackers seeking grid cybersecurity weak points to advance their goals. Connected devices – Industrial IoT and OT – are often their target, and need robust protection.

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IoT and OT Security Solutions for Solar | Asimily

The world’s most critical infrastructure revolves around Energy and Utilities. Reliant on constant and precise monitoring, IIoT and OT devices give real-time information about grids, power distribution, water levels, chemical sensors, temperature levels and much more. Asimily’s comprehensive device and attack database keeps defenses high and security-related downtime low.

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Water treatment plant

Safeguard Your Operations Without Interrupting Them

Reliable Delivery Requires Secured Equipment

Just because energy and utility equipment aren’t easily accessible doesn’t mean they can’t get hacked. From small water districts to essential grid operators, attackers want in.
As security gets better for regular IT, attacking unique IoT, IoT, and OT equipment becomes more profitable. Asimily helps prioritize work to reduce the most risk and detects problems as soon as they are discovered, keeping your customers safer and your uptime high.

Comprehensive Visibility

At Asimily, we have developed security expertise around connected devices with real-world, time-strapped cybersecurity teams in mind. Determine the location and risk of devices while data is safely gathered by listening to your network traffic (and integrating your other data sources).

Prioritize with Precision

Focus on vulnerabilities that could lead to catastrophic outages. Our Impact and Likelihood analyses focus your team’s efforts on avoiding worst-case scenarios with simple fixes that make equipment security maintenance manageable.

Targeted Protection

Asimily empowers your busy team to focus on the devices that significantly impact your entire operation. With our advanced targeting capabilities, any security action can be modeled to see the time cost and the benefit seen before you start work.

Continuous Monitoring

Staying one step ahead of cyber threats is non-negotiable. Attackers know Energy and Utility companies have no room for downtime. Asimily monitors vulnerabilities and anomalies 24/7 so you can keep them out of your attack surface.

Protecting the Industries that Keep the World On

Security Without Compromise

Service delivery is hard enough without cybersecurity threats to device targets. Asimily is built to be a platform to remove those threats, letting you focus on the job at hand.

Asimily IoT and OT Security Solutions for Energy and Utilities

Compliance Without Gaps

Keeping up with regulations and guidelines is essential for Energy companies and Utilities. NIST, ISO, NERC CIP, and CISA are just some of them. Our software demonstrates organizational readiness for both vulnerabilities and threats, suitable for the broad range of industry and national requirements.

Spend Time Where It Matters

Asimily empowers Vulnerability Management teams to tackle the riskiest issues first. Instead of just giving you a list of vulnerabilities to fix, Asimily combines that information with unique Impact and Likelihood analyses to get a risk-ranked view of the equipment whose vulnerabilities can be mitigated.

Optimized for Resource Efficiency

Our platform identifies security fixes that can keep valuable equipment, like chemical sensors, HVACs and smart building automation, running as long as possible, helping you have more options to defer Capital Expenditures further into the future.

Reduce Vulnerabilities 10x Faster with Half the Resources

Find out how our innovative risk remediation platform can help keep your organization’s resources safe, users protected, and IoT and IoMT assets secure.