The Benefits of Integrating Asimily into Your Healthcare Organization


The rising volume of Internet of Things (IoT) devices and protocols challenges healthcare organizations. With more vulnerabilities to manage, security teams can quickly grow overburdened.

Asimily was founded to provide a better solution. With Asimily’s advanced platform,  time spent neutralizing risks falls by 90%. IT departments can focus on real threats and stop wasting time addressing “in name only” vulnerabilities.

This blog offers an overview of Asimily’s capabilities and how they can benefit healthcare organizations looking for a solution to secure their IoT fleet. We will explore key aspects such as vulnerability prioritization and risk remediation strategies.

The Benefits of Integrating IoMT Security Software

To experience the advantages of IoT in healthcare, integrating an advanced security platform is crucial. These advantages include:

Keep Your Mission Critical Devices Online

Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) devices is tied to patient care, making downtime unfeasible. Many devices must maintain continuous connectivity. With Asimily, you can limit the attack vector and gain assurance that mission-critical devices will remain up and operational.

Henry Ford Health is a prime example of an organization that maintained uptime with Asimily. By monitoring the security posture and implementing automated threat detection and continuous risk-remediation strategies, Henry Ford improved their IoMT security posture for increased device availability.

Reduce Your IoMT Security Risks

By implementing advanced monitoring and detection strategies, you can reduce risks from malicious actors. Asimily’s platform provides visibility into the security posture of your devices and proactively identifies potential threats.

Is your network composed of IoMT devices? Or do you work with more Internet of Lab Things (IoLT) products? Asimily can secure current and future network configurations, whether you’re worried about a traditional endpoint or an IoT, IoMT, or IoLT device. We can help your team keep pace with the ever-evolving threat landscape and reap the benefits of IoT in healthcare.

Lower Your Overall Device Costs

The difficulty of securing IoT devices is often a barrier to entry. Asimily streamlines expenses and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Our platform allows you to automate many processes that would otherwise require significant manual effort. This automation reduces the cost associated with labor, data storage, device maintenance, and more.

Gain Peace of Mind With Constant Compliance

Asimily’s platform complies with regulatory rules and industry standards, keeping your organization compliant. We understand the profound importance of privacy in healthcare and recognize that patient care and your operation’s ability to thrive depend on the strength of your security protocols. 

Our platform relies on artificial intelligence and human verification to guarantee accuracy and robustness. Asimily’s deep learning algorithms provide oversight and detect unauthorized changes in configuration, malware, or unapproved data access.

Prioritize Your Vulnerability Management

Vulnerabilities are identified through various methods, such as asset inventorying, patch management, vulnerability scanning, and threat intelligence. However, without extensive specialized knowledge, It’s hard to prioritize which vulnerabilities need to be addressed first.

Asimily takes care of the heavy lifting for you. Our vast knowledge base includes data on vulnerability research, protocols, and IoT medical and laboratory devices, allowing us to provide actionable intelligence about the most severe vulnerabilities and threats.

The Henry Ford Health System in Detroit reduced the time necessary to prioritize and remediate risks, thanks to Asimily. The platform took over work that typically required six people, freeing up resources for other initiatives and reducing costs associated with personnel.

Get a 360° View of Your Organization With Comprehensive Visibility

With Asimily’s comprehensive device behavior monitoring, you can get a real-time view of your entire network. Our integrated dashboard provides detailed insights into the health and status of all connected devices. You’ll also receive alerts whenever suspicious activity appears.

Tufts Medicine depends on Asimily to gain visibility into its device inventory. “We prefer Asimily’s dashboard and data visualization. We now have accurate visibility into inventory. Vulnerabilities are prioritized through our Attack Surface Management (ASM) team,” explains Brian Cayer, Tufts’ Chief Information Security Officer. Asimily’s combination of AI/ML techniques augmented by deep packet inspection (DPI) can help remove errors associated with back-end human interpretation of raw inventory data.

Getting Started

Asimily’s platform offers unmatched visibility, and our suite of automated tools can help you secure your devices with minimal effort. We’ll provide a tailored solution based on the size and configuration of your organization, leaving you free to capitalize on the benefits of using IoT in healthcare.

Schedule a consultation with our Asimily experts today to take advantage of these benefits for your healthcare organization.

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