IoT Security Reimagined

Secure your connected IoT devices and reduce vulnerabilities 10x faster with half the resources.



  • Inventory and Visibility. Keep an accurate inventory of current and new devices, using safe, passive traffic monitoring.


  • Vulnerability Mitigation. Mitigate vulnerabilities efficiently with pinpoint fixes that remove the biggest risk.


  • Threat Detection and Incident Response. Monitor devices, detect anomalous behavior, and alert operators to remediate any identified anomalies.


  • Risk Modeling. Envision, predict, and act with unparalleled confidence, and unlock a new era of proactive risk mitigation.


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Why Asimily?

Security Starts With Visibility

Keep every device you depend on up and operational, starting with an automated inventory. Protect them all via a single dashboard, with actionable information ready for your whole team.

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Don’t Let Vulnerabilities Manage You

To threat actors, all connected devices are simply attack vectors. Asimily helps end the IoT and IoMT security deficit by prioritizing and mitigating the most critical vulnerabilities, not simply managing them.

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Minimize Incident Harm, Speed Investigations, and Recover Fast

At Asimily, we understand the importance of efficient, timely incident response (IR) across large and diverse device landscapes. That’s why we provide a comprehensive solution that enables IR teams from detection to resolution.

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Ensure Compliance with Standards and Regulations

Achieve regulatory compliance with industry best practices (such as NIST) for risk reduction for devices.

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Reduce Device Vulnerabilities 10x Faster

Mitigate vulnerabilities efficiently with pinpoint fixes that remove the biggest risk. Asimily analyses of exploitability yields quick fixes, not big projects..

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Fast Forensics For Any Incident, Anywhere

Get easy, centralized packet capture when incidents occur. Set device behavior rules to spot concerning anomalies.

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Act Confidently for Every Device’s Lifecycle

Model device risk pre-install, not while on the network. See the risk reduction of your work, before you get to work.

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Reduce Vulnerabilities 10x Faster with Half the Resources

Find out how our innovative risk remediation platform can help keep your organization’s resources safe, users protected, and IoT and IoMT assets secure.