Channel Voices: Asimily’s Strategic Pivot from Direct to Channel

Tune in as Peter Hancock and Channel Voices host, Maciek Danielski, dive into Asimily’s strategic pivot from direct to global channel partner sales.

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Embark on a transformative journey with us as Peter Hancock unravels the secrets behind Asimily’s strategic pivot from direct to channel partner sales, a move that has revolutionized their global market presence. With Peter’s vast experience, including his tenure at Symantec, he brings to light the critical role of executive backing in such a bold transition. We talk about crafting and ecosystem building, addressing the complex issues customers face in the realm of cybersecurity for connected devices.

As we navigate the intricacies of channel program development, Peter lays bare the approaches that have spurred exponential growth. He shares the ins and outs of implementing deal registration, margin programs, and the adaptation of sales strategies that resonate globally. The conversation takes a deep look at how Asimily values the contributions of its partners, recognizing them through initiatives like the founding members program, and emphasizes the importance of listening to partner feedback to refine the sales process, making it a mutually beneficial journey for the company and its partners.

Our episode closes by exploring the art of nurturing robust channel partnerships, where trust and respect for a partner’s brand reign supreme. With Peter’s guidance, we dissect the nuances of sales team education on the dynamics of partnerships, and how competition can be a catalyst for growth through strategic programs. We also touch on the future direction of Asimily’s channel program and the keys to forging successful relationships that pave the way for achievement. Join us as we share wisdom from a distinguished channel sales veteran and celebrate the milestones that define a successful channel partner program.

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