Welcome to the IoT Security Chats podcast where we bring you the latest information in Cyber and IoT Security. From asset and vulnerability Management to Incident Response, hear the experts talk about the latest threats affecting connected devices and how to keep your organization secure.

Host: Priyanka Upendra, MS, CHTM, AAMIF, Senior Director of Customer Success at Asimily

Experts: Shankar Somasundaram, Founder & CEO, Asimily; Jim Cheek, FACHE, Division President of Healthcare Technology Solutions, Crothall Healthcare; and Eddie Myers, HCISPP, CBET, Director of Cybersecurity Healthcare Technology Solutions, Crothall Healthcare.

In episode 9, Priyanka Upendra discusses strategies to effectively address the HTM Cybersecurity Staffing Shortage with cybersecurity and HTM experts Shankar Somasundaram, Jim Cheek, and Eddie Myers.

Discussion Topics include:

  • The need for HTM cybersecurity managed services
  • Aligning strategically and operationally to manage cyber risks of IoMT/patient-facing assets
  • How can HDOs (Healthcare Delivery Organizations) ensure they are getting the most out of their vendor / managed services provider?

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