Forbes: How To Ask For A Cybersecurity Budget

CISOs and other information security professionals frequently run up against a wall when attempting to secure an increased IoT cybersecurity budget from decision-makers. Common objections include: “We’ve never been attacked,” “We have other priorities and need to watch our spending this quarter,” and “Let’s go slowly and see if we really need the protection.”

Acquiring an expanded cybersecurity budget can seem challenging, but if you are prepared going into the meeting, you’ll win the funding you asked for. It’s all about arming yourself with a thorough set of facts and data—the more numbers you can present to make your argument, the better. Ground your pitch in bottom-line benefits—and don’t leave anything out. The ask may seem grueling at first—but your team will thank you for the increased protection when your solution or service improves your overall security, increases your efficiency and makes your environment safer. […]

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