Techopedia: Corporate-Owned IoT Devices Are High Risk and Under Siege

Asimily is featured in this eye-opening Techopedia article discussing the growing vulnerability of corporate IoT devices to cyberattacks.

Corporate IoT devices are increasingly becoming targets for cyberattacks due to their poor security. There was a 400% growth in IoT malware attacks last year according to a report. IoT-related security breaches tend to be costlier for organizations compared to conventional cyberattacks, with costs ranging from $5 to $10 million. There is a disconnect between networking and security teams when it comes to prioritizing IoT device risks, creating dangerous blind spots.

“Despite its potential to streamline operations and boost efficiency, the IoT firm Asimily warned that as businesses push on with their IoT strategies there is also a parallel growth in IoT security vulnerabilities.”

To remedy the issues, organizations need improved visibility into their IoT devices, their components, connections and activities. With this visibility, granular controls can be implemented to limit unnecessary connections and reduce attack surfaces. Establishing comprehensive visibility lays the foundation for effectively securing IoT devices. This involves both external network monitoring and internal software analysis of the embedded systems within IoT devices.

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