Future IoT: Rising Cyber Risks from Accelerated Use of Unchecked IoT in Enterprise

Protect your business from cyber threats targeting IoT infrastructure with insights from Asimily’s Founder and CEO, Shankar Somasundaram, and VP of Marketing Kenan Frager. Uncover the latest trends, stats, and strategies in this must-read article from FutureIoT.

Kenan Frager warns, β€œAn attack on IoT infrastructure can lead to operational downtime, loss of IP, revenue, and reputational harm across industries.”

Shankar Somasundaram stresses the importance of developing effective risk KPIs and using tools to gain visibility into device behavior for targeted fixes.

Find out how to safeguard your business with actionable insights. Read the full Future IoT article here. πŸ‘ˆ

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IoT Device Security in 2024 The High Cost of Doing Nothing | Asimily

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