IoT IT News: IoT Predictions for 2024

Asimily’s Founder and CEO, Shankar Somasundaram, is featured in a Digital IT News article discussing the future of IoT technology in 2024 and risk management.

“Organizations across industries depend on increasingly vast fleets of IoT devices for everything from how a hospital system delivers patient care to manufacturers’ complex operations. However, these IoT and IIoT devices come with thousands of new reported security vulnerabilities each month, a huge challenge for cybersecurity teams (and budgets). In 2024, I think we’ll see more organizations approaching this IoT challenge by adopting risk-first strategies and utilizing IoT device visibility to prioritize the 5-10 percent of vulnerabilities that represent a true immediate risk considering their use cases, network configurations, and common cyberattacker practices. For organizations with limited budgets, this approach will optimize resources and results.” – Shankar Somasundaram, CEO of Asimily

Check out the insightful article here.

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