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The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) market is increasing, with healthcare organizations using connected devices to boost efficiency and improve patient outcomes.

However, reliance on IoMT connectivity presents serious security risks. A 2022 report by the Ponemon Institute found that 88% of healthcare cyberattacks involved at least one IoMT device. Conventional mitigation efforts are insufficient due to challenges like unsupported operating systems and a lack of available upgrades.

Fortunately, several different IoMT security companies offer viable solutions to these challenges. The tricky part is knowing which one to choose based on your organization’s needs.

This article discusses the benefits provided by the IoMT market and explores the features you should look for in an IoMT security platform.

Real-World Cyberattack Examples Impacting Medical Equipment

Cyberattacks can originate from various entry points within a health system and have the potential to disrupt services severely. Common cyberattack methods include phishing, data breaches, and social engineering.

  1. In 2017, the healthcare industry witnessed WannaCry, a ransomware attack flagged by the FBI as the first cyber attack to target medical device vulnerabilities. This widespread attack affected approximately 1,200 diagnostic devices and temporarily crippled multiple British hospitals. 
  2. A tragic incident in Alabama serves as a sobering reminder of the impact of cyberattacks on medical equipment. The facility experienced a ransomware attack in 2019 that affected system computers, resulting in the unfortunate loss of a baby’s life. Hospital staff could not perform several key tests that would have made the baby’s critical state apparent.  
  3. As technology has progressed to protect medical devices, so to has technology for hackers. And the impacts are long-lasting. A hospital in Illinois closed down at the beginning of June 2023 from the impacts of a ransomware attack that occurred in 2021. The hospital faced difficulties with billing and insurance claims as a result of the attack, leading to financial problems.

The Hidden Dangers of Malware

A concerning scenario arises when malicious actors or unknowing employees connect infected laptops and mobile devices to medical equipment. The resulting malware can cause myriad issues, yet, in many cases, healthcare professionals remain unaware of its presence. 

In the early 2000s, a hospital in Boston experienced malware infections across various types of equipment, creating fears that patients could be harmed. Compromised devices, such as blood gas analyzers and nuclear-medical delivery systems, became susceptible to inaccurate readings.

Four Features To Look For Before Choosing An IoMT Security Vendor

Finding the right option among healthcare security solution companies requires delving into the platform’s features. A poor fit could have a lasting and costly effect on your operations.

The following four features are the most important ones to consider:

Secure Before You Procure

Security starts with procurement. The best way to keep your network safe begins with a proactive approach and deploying already secure devices. 

With Asimily, you can thoroughly assess the risks associated with any device before procurement. Asimily generates a comprehensive risk profile, provides recommendations, and illustrates the most secure configuration options. The in-depth analysis is possible due to our deep insight into diverse medical and laboratory devices.

Data compiled by Asimily also includes insight into how devices communicate and data flow across the network. Understanding potential device relationships and network interactions empowers you to make well-informed procurement decisions. 

Collect Passive Data

Within an IoMT environment, vulnerability scans can risk patient safety if performed concurrently with active procedures. That’s why Asimily prioritizes non-intrusive and resource-efficient data collection.

Our passive scanning methods minimize the risks inherent in actively scanning medical devices. Passive scanning techniques allow for monitoring network traffic, device behavior, and communication patterns without actively interrogating the devices themselves. 

Asimily classifies every network-connected IoMT asset and can log more than 100 parameters, such as device type, IP address, and port numbers, without using active scanning measures. The classifications are bolstered by data pulled from pre-existing device profiles and multiple complex algorithms, giving you a holistic look into your device inventory. 

Once a device is logged, automatic IoMT device scans by Asimily’s Vulnerability Management deliver proactive alerts when critical vulnerabilities are detected, allowing you to respond quickly. You control which alerts come your way, so noncritical notifications never deluge your team.

Identify Exploitable Vulnerabilities & Prescribe Mitigation Strategies

When vulnerable assets are identified, you need an IoMT security vendor to calculate attack vectors and determine if the vulnerabilities are exploitable. 

At Asimily, we recognize the importance of human verification in enhancing the quality of attack vector analysis and make it an integral part of our approach. Technology provides advanced risk analysis and maps out the relationships between devices and networks. Human verification then fills in any gaps and acts as a tool to ensure accuracy.

Asimily decides the risk each vulnerability represents through extensive research and a detailed analysis of parameters specific to each device and hospital. Our comprehensive review enables us to assess whether a vulnerability can be exploited given the existing installation.

However, vulnerability management isn’t a sufficient strategy. Securing your IT environment requires vulnerability mitigation as well. 

Asimily simulates potential attacks to identify which vulnerabilities are actual threats. Every IoMT device is assigned a risk score based on an Impact and Likelihood analysis, so there’s clarity about what to prioritize.  

If an asset is deemed at risk, our mitigation strategies go beyond catch-all solutions such as segmentation or patching. When necessary, we utilize alternative yet clinically viable methods to fence in devices away from attack methodologies. Asimily provides ranked, specific instructions to protect your devices. Our tailored mitigation plans effectively address device vulnerabilities without disrupting critical patient care. 

Analyze Forensic Data

Following an adverse security event, forensic data serves as a crucial tool for identifying the source of an attack. IoMT companies can trace malicious actions in real-time by systematically gathering logs from all devices. Determining the root cause allows your team to rectify the problem.

Our Forensic Analysis tool collects and records data from any accessible device on the network, providing complete visibility into your IoMT environment. You can capture the traffic flowing to or from at-risk devices and pinpoint any suspicious activity. Your team has access to every data point. 

Moreover, our platform allows you to set device behavior rules, dramatically shortening the time from detecting suspicious activity to the security team safely deactivating that device. Our solution lets you quickly spot deviations from normal behavior, ensuring proactive threat detection.

Asimily offers a robust combination of meticulous risk assessment and forensic analysis, complemented by reliable reporting capabilities. In the event of network performance issues, our solution also facilitates cost-effective investigations by capturing packets from any device’s traffic.

When security breaches occur, Asimily’s detailed reports document your organization’s incident-handling capabilities, showcasing its preparedness for future attacks. These reports may also outline recommended security changes and upgrades to fortify your defenses.

The data captured through our system ultimately contributes to your overall risk score, a metric that illustrates how your security performance compares to industry competitors. 

Improve Your Operations Today

IoMT security vendors should provide solutions that defend against diverse threats.

Asimily is the right choice for your IoMT cybersecurity needs – we offer broad threat detection and response capabilities with minimal operational disruption. With powerful features like risk simulations, vulnerability mitigation, and forensic analysis, you can monitor every device in your network.

Don’t wait until a security incident occurs. See why Asimily is the best partner for your IoMT protection by scheduling a consultation with our experts today.