BetaNews: Healthcare Tech Predictions for 2024

AI-powered attacks, AI potential and tailored cloud — healthcare tech predictions for 2024

Asimily’s CEO, Shankar Somasundaram, shares his insights on the impact of AI and the urgent need for risk-first strategies in healthcare cybersecurity in the BetaNews article, Healthcare Tech Predictions for 2024.

According to Somasundaram, healthcare organizations face a daunting challenge as they rely heavily on internet-connected devices for patient care. These devices, however, come with a multitude of security vulnerabilities every month, posing a significant risk to patient data.

Looking ahead to 2024, he predicts that healthcare organizations will prioritize IoT device visibility to identify immediate risks and adopt risk-first strategies. By focusing on the vulnerabilities that pose the most substantial threats, limited budgets can be optimized, and resources can be utilized effectively.

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