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Learn How to Mitigate Risk and Implement Effective Cybersecurity Strategies
increased asset visibility through accurate detection of connected devices and inventory management;

implemented vulnerability management with prioritization;

monitors real-time anomalies and threat detection tailored to IoMT devices;

enabled network policy enforcement, segmentation, and Air Defense RF capabilities through integration with Extreme Networks; and
plans to mature its security program through pre-procurement risk assessments and additional integrations.

Learn How Henry Ford Health:

Attacks against healthcare delivery organizations rose 94% in 2022 and 61% paid the ransom.  Ransomware attacks, in particular, have led to delayed treatments, extortion attempts against patients, and even deaths. Healthcare systems must find ways to reduce risk and improve patient safety.

Learn from Ali Youssef, Director of Medical Device and IoT Security, how Henry Ford Health reduced its attack surface and strengthened enforcement by deploying Asimily Insights with Extreme Networks integration.

Henry Ford Health is an integrated, not-for-profit healthcare system located in Detroit with over 33k employees. The system consists of five hospitals, 2,264 beds, and more than 200k+ connected medical and IoT devices. 

Ali Youssef
Director of Medical Device and IoT Security, Henry Ford Health
Doug McDonald
Director of Strategic Alliances, CTO Office, Extreme Networks

How Henry Ford Health Reduced IoMT Attack Surface & Cybersecurity Risk
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Priyanka Upendra
Senior Director of Customer Success, Asimily