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Learn How to Mitigate Risk and Implement Effective Cybersecurity Strategies
Precise medical device classification and profiling for driving network policies
Rapid network isolation for compromised medical devices
Automatic service restoration upon remediation

Topics include:

Asimily's integration with Cisco ISE provides enhanced asset visibility and policy control for IoMT and IoT devices. Asimily creates a comprehensive inventory of all devices, including granular categorization, and provides a risk score for every device based on any vulnerabilities or threats observed. Asimily can feed all of its information to Cisco ISE and pxGrid to provide context for medical devices, and can create policies in ISE for quarantining, blocking a port or service, segmentation, or remediating vulnerabilities. Asimily's asset data complements the inventory that Cisco ISE provides for devices on your network, and gives your security team additional information they can use to proactively reduce your organization’s attack surface.

Luke Smith
Sr. Director of Solutions Engineering, Asimily
Brian Gonsalves
Sr. Manager of Product Management & Business Development, Cisco

Asimily + Cisco ISE: Improved Asset Visibility & Cybersecurity Policies
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