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Learn How to Mitigate Risk and Implement Effective Cybersecurity Strategies


Discussion Topics Include:

Attacks on global healthcare delivery organizations rose 38% last year and a staggering 88% of cyberattacks involve at least one IoMT device. Healthcare organizations must find ways to reduce risk and improve patient safety.                    

Please join us for an on demand virtual panel focused on IoMT cybersecurity challenges and best practices in the Middle East.

Mr. Shankar Somasundaram
CEO and Founder,  Asimily
Mr. Abdullah Marghalany
Chief Information Security Officer, Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia
Hospital Cybersecurity Challenges & Best Practices in the       Middle East

Duration: 45 Minutes

On Demand Virtual Panel 


The unique threat to hospitals in the Middle East

Mr. Rajesh Krishnan
Head of Product Marketing, Asimily 

Prioritizing individual device or device type risks in hospitals where there are thousands of devices in the network

Best practices for building an effective vulnerability management program

Defining cyber risk and effectively communicating to the rest of the hospital leadership