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Understand What Your IoT and IoMT Security is Actually Costing 
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Total Cost of Ownership Analysis on Connected Device Cybersecurity Risk 

Healthcare Delivery Organizations are uniquely vulnerable in the face of the rising tide of cyberattacks as modern clinical practices rely on connected devices for quality care while medical devices are the hardest to secure. This whitepaper details current healthcare cybersecurity trends and how to improve your connected device security program, including:

What is IoT and IoMT security risk actually costing you?

Understand the emerging cybersecurity trends and challenges for HDOs

Discover what IoT and IoMT Security risk is actually costing you

Learn how to mitigate dev
ice cyber risk with the lowest cost and effort


•   How to ask for budget for your new security approach

•   The emerging cybersecurity trends and challenges for HDOs

•   The high cost of doing nothing

•   A holistic approach to reducing the risk of a cyberattack

•   Why cyber insurance isn't an effective backstop