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Protect Your Connected Devices from Ransomware and Malware Attacks
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See every device – and correctly classify every device – in your organization. With a non-invasive inventory, Asimily discovers and identifies every device in any environment, from medical and laboratory devices to traditional IoT and connected devices.

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Prioritize Vulnerabilities

Discover and prioritize vulnerabilities in medical, laboratory, and traditional IoT devices. Asimily generates a provider-specific risk score based on exploitability, configuration, use case and context, so you can understand which vulnerabilities are most critical.

Remediate Vulnerabilities

Every organization's network and devices are different. With our experience and access to the largest database of IoMT and IoT devices, Asimily provides actionable intelligence for vulnerabilities, so you can prioritize, mitigate and manage vulnerability in a way that ensures safety of the provider, patient and technology.

Keep your infrastructure healthy. Detect anomalies from baseline device behavior and set policies to detect unusual or unwanted behavior. With Asimily, receive alerts anytime intrusion is detected or anomalous behavior occurs. Quarantine or segment devices based on policy. With our remediation capability, identify the root cause and how to respond.

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Welcome to the intersection of usability and capability, with intuitive UI/UX built specifically for device remediation. Technology that helps focus on the mission, not distract from it.

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